Introduction to Quantum Computation

This is the homepage of Math 421/521 Introduction to Quantum Computation offered in Spring 2021 at Bilkent University.

Grading scheme for Math 421: Take-home midterm (HW2) - %25, Final - %20, Homework (HW1-3-4 each %16) - %48, Attendance - %7

Grading scheme for Math 521: Take-home midterm (HW2) - %20, Final - %20, Homework (HW1-3-4 each %15) - %45, Oral presentation and report - %15 

Textbook and other reading

Textbook of the course is Quantum Computation and Quantum Information by Michael A. Nielsen and Isaac L. Chuang, Cambridge University Press (10th Anniversary edition).

Reading suggestions for a general overview:

Reader-friendly background reference sources:

Quantum computing resources other than the textbook:

Weekly syllabus

Lecture notes